Hello Eddy ™

Hello Eddy
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Your child will have a blast learning how to say “hello” in 20 of the most popular languages in the world with Eddy by their side.

Welcome to Hello Eddy™! We are thrilled to introduce you to Eddy, the beloved plush toy from the Waldo Metaverse.

Say “Hello” to the world with Eddy, your child’s new favorite toy for playtime and education.

Eddy is no ordinary dog – he is a graduate of both Harvard and Yale and can speak multiple languages. Our mission is to make learning fun for children with our Hello Eddy™ plush toy.

We know Eddy will quickly become one of your child’s favorite toys for both playtime and education.

Thank you for choosing Hello Eddy™!


The Waldo Metaverse books are available in bookstores around the world. Mr Eddy is one of the main characters in the Waldo Beyond the Walls adventure stories. An animated movie is planned.